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The buyer hears in these words the lack of interest in selling the most expensive product in the life of every person. Imagine, you come to the Mercedes salon, and the seller says to you, a serious buyer:

“Look quickly, I don’t have time for you” or “Money to the cashier, or goodbye.” Can it appear to the buyer that the seller does not believe that he has the money for such a property? Quite possibly! If so, it looks offensive. And even if the buyer was initially set to deal with this apartment, you pushed him away with one phrase - “Look quickly, I don’t have time.”

Tip: If you are really short on time, reschedule the show or viewing for another time

We were approached by the owner of the residential complex "Losiny Ostrov" (Pogonny proezd, 3) with a request to sell an apartment of 52 m².

Residential complex "Losiny Ostrov" in Moscow (Photo from Sergey Smirnov's photobank)

We conducted an analysis of transactions that have already taken place in this house and houses nearby, using data from the Domclick online real estate search, purchase and sale service and our company's analytics. According to preliminary estimates, the transaction price ranged from 12,000,000 to 12,800,000 rubles. So we agreed on a price with the owner and settled on 12,500,000 rubles.

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